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Speaking on The ONE Thing
Through his keynote, Jay shares the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results – it’s about doing the right thing, instead of attempting everything. Backed by years of research, he’ll show how working from a clear sense of priority elevates results and alleviates stress. Jay’s goal is for his audience to leave with a newfound sense of clarity on their true priorities in all areas of their lives.

As a successful business owner, author and an engaged family man, Jay truly lives the message in his book, bringing an authenticity to the stage not often found on the speaking circuit. He speaks from personal experience and has a genuine passion for helping people lead more productive and fulfilling lives, while removing the stress from their hectic everyday routines. His message resonates with everyone from stay-at-home parents to C-level executives. For video highlights of Jay’s events click here.

“Jay spoke for a group of our executive directors at Dell, & his messages really resonated. His focus on prioritization, time management, & clear habits were applicable to their work and their lives. Jay is also an extremely engaging & charismatic speaker, & his examples & stories brought the content to life in a way that made the audience fully attentive through the whole presentation. His session was very highly rated by our executive participants-most of them bought the book after the session! This is a great topic for business leaders.”
Liana Mackey, Talent Management Director

“The ONE Thing resonated with our long-term approach to decision making and a platform-based approach to innovation. It was a natural fit for our organization and quickly infiltrated our culture, spawned book groups, and left a lasting and sticky impression. The principles in The ONE Thing help leaders create strategies grounded in a core, foundational platform, or as Gary and Jay put it, one domino at a time.”
Jared Aho, Section Manager of Global Marketing Operations, Pricing, and Events
National Instruments

“Jay is a dynamic, well-spoken, articulate speaker who asks the audience a vital question and keeps them engaged. ‘What’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?’ As an attendee, Jay’s speaking style and message kept me focused on how the only thing that stands between me and my goals is the ability to dismiss all else and focus on ‘the one thing.’ A fantastic lesson for executives and leaders looking for extraordinary results.”
A Leading Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Corporation

“Jay Papasan delivers every time! Out of close to 100 speakers at our event he was rated #1. Not only do our people walk away with tremendous, applicable value, but they consistently comment on Jay’s ability to relate with them on a level like many other speakers are unable to get to. He does his homework and makes sure he is ready to deliver every time.”
Sales Consultant, Vector Marketing

“In a world of relentless and competing priorities, Jay Papasan and The One Thing represent the quintessential solution for achieving real success. Calling out the lies that often mislead and derail us, Jay identifies researched based solutions that provide exceptional clarity on the elements needed to achieve long-lasting results. Leaders looking for a definitive, clear, and attainable path for achieving exceptional results will benefit greatly by embracing The One Thing. “
Doran Duffin, Director-Leadership Development
Kaiser Permanente

“I can’t even begin to tell you how great it was to have Jay speak at our sales meeting on Monday. He was terrific, and the amount of incredible discussion that resulted has been amazing. I have no doubt that our business, and the individuals in it, will grow as a result. I am truly grateful that he was willing to speak to our group. I had sales people with 5, 10, 20, to 40+ years of tenure with our company tell me that this was the best sales meeting we’ve ever had. I believe that starting the meeting off with Jay’s keynote is a big reason why the response was so positive. “
Adam Adams, G.M. Sales
Swiff-Train Company